Hello and thanks for visiting my homepage!


Hello and thanks for visiting my homepage! I hope you will find me to be a very "user-friendly" Counselor. The students of Shakerag know that, if their parents and counselor are talking to one another, it's a GOOD thing!  I love what I do, and I try to perform my job through the eyes of a parent.  Call me, email me, visit me - by all means, get to know me. 

The mission of the Counseling Department is to support student identification and development of academic achievement, personal/social growth and career awareness.


I am here to help create a school environment that develops and supports student learning, achievement, and leadership.  More specifically, I help promote growth in:

  • Learning and Achievement

  • Developing Positive Attitudes

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Understanding Self and Others

  • Goal Setting

  • Career Awareness

  • Developing Responsible Behavior


Personal Mission Statement

Tomorrow's Another Day.  Look forward to each day for the possibilities it shall provide. Be happy, live a life of intention, do good work and take stock of simple things. Leave others better off for having encountered you.


My Core Values

  • People are fundamentally good

  • Give others the benefit of doubt

  • Relationships matter

  • Life is made up of individual choices

  • Enjoy the moment and look forward to tomorrow

  • Do not let what you cannot change or control to consume you

  • Attitude is everything!